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Oncorhynchus Mykiss (Steelhead/Salmon Trout)

Steelhead Salmon Trout

Salmon, classified as an fatty fish, is very healty due to its high protein, high omega-3, fatty acids and high vitamin D content. It is smaller in size than the salmon family. In terms of minerals and trace elements, it is a leader in its family.

For your health, we produce 4.000 tons of Turkish Salmon in the cool waters of the Black Sea every year. We offer it fresh in April, May and June, and frozen during the rest of year.



Calories 177cal
Protein 17g
Carbohydrate 0g
Fat 11g
Cholesterol 47 Mg, 16% of Daily value
Vitamin D 375IU 47% of DV
Vitamin B12 2,7 Mcg, 113% of Daily value
Niacin 7,4 Mg 46% of DV
Selenium 20,4 Mcg, 37% of DV
Vitamin B6 0,5 Mg, 29% of DV
Total Omega-3 Fats 2.130 MG

Steelhead Salmon Trout FAQ

Our Steelhead Salmon Trout is born and raised in Samsun, Türkiye.

No chemicals or additives are used during processing.

You should always follow FDA guidelines for thawing and cooking frozen seafood.
No chemicals or additives are used during processing.
Yes, the fish will come with the skin-on. Be sure to cook it up nice and crispy each time!

Steelhead Salmon Trout Wholesale Sales

SEAPRO, a leading name in the seafood industry, is dedicated to providing the best products to the hospitality, food and berverages, bulk and retail food sectors. Our wholesale sales service team offers tailored solution to meet your requirements.

Wholesale Sales Features:

1. Quality and Assurance:

SEAPRO adherds to rerigorous global aqcuculture quality control processes that are implemented at every stage to ensure high-quality, nutritional protein products.

Our committed to sustainable biomass management, farming and harvesting methods.  and adhering to global aqcuaculture quality standards, SeaPro pledges to provide customers with the freshest and highest-quality acquaculture products.

2. Wide Range of Products:

The Steelhead Salmon Trout wholesale sales service offers businesses a wide range of products tailored to their needs. Options include fillets, whole fish, sliced products, or special cuts, providing flexibility for businesses to diversify their menus and offer various choices to customers. This flexibility caters to the needs of every type of kitchen.

3. Fast and Reliable Delivery:

The Steelhead Salmon Trout wholesale sales service promptly responds to the needs of businesses with fast and reliable deliveries. Fish are processed and packaged fresh and healthy, reaching customers according to the specified delivery processes. This optimization of stock management aids businesses in delivering fresh products to customers on time.

4. Custom Packaging and Labeling:

The service ensures that products are presented with custom packaging and labeling. This facilitates easy stocking for businesses and enables them to easily identify and distinguish the products they offer. Hygiene standards are strictly followed during the packaging and labeling processes.

5. Sustainability and Environmental Awareness:

SEAPRO’s Steelhead Salmon Trout wholesale sales service plays a pioneering role in sustainability and environmental awareness. The supplier adopts sustainable production methods to preserve natural resources and minimize environmental impacts. Certified sustainability practices allow businesses to fulfill their environmental responsibilities.

6. Customer Support and Communication:

The wholesale sales service prioritizes customer satisfaction. Regular communication with businesses ensures support for order changes, requests, and quick resolution of any issues. The professional customer service team works continuously to provide the best service to businesses.

7. Competitive Pricing and Payment Options:

The Steelhead Salmon Trout wholesale sales service offers competitive pricing options to businesses. Cost advantages per unit are provided for bulk purchases. Additionally, flexible payment options are offered to businesses to make the collaboration process more adaptable.

SEAPRO’s Steelhead Salmon Trout wholesale sales service is a crucial solution for businesses to meet their seafood needs and offer the highest-quality experience to customers. This service, distinguished by factors such as quality, assurance, diversity, fast delivery, and environmental consciousness, helps seafood businesses increase their competitive advantage while providing consumers with a tasty and reliable option. Contact us now for your Steelhead Salmon Trout needs.

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